Spectacles by Snap Inc.

Spectacles by Snap Inc.

Unless you’ve been living under the magical rock of I-DON’T-GIVE-A-DAMN, you would have seen and/or heard of and/or be a current user of the infamous Snapchat.👻

A company that has notoriously solidified its place in the tech world, Snap Inc. has given us a product that incorporates both fashion and your ability to troll…. efficiently. I present to you…


Right off the bat, the packaging looks like something you would expect tennis balls in. Inside is the case that also serves as the charging port of your *coughs spy cam* Spectacles It also comes with a cleaning cloth and charging cord that you can attach to either a USB wall charger or your computer/laptop.

Spectacles by Snap Inc. in TealLifestyleLifestyle

The idea of the wisdom behind making this available to Snapchat users brings into question: IS THIS A WORTHY INVESTMENT? Here are my thoughts based on other reviews and numerous Youtube videos….. numerous.

  • Like most things on the internet, this could either be a phase for techies to always be up to date with the latest gadgets or an actual game changer.

That Green Tea’s opinion?—-> GAME CHANGER🦄🌈

If you ever decide you would want to take a trip that is sort of restrictive with you having your phone out, why not snap using your Spectacles? With the inbuilt Bluetooth feature, you can easily upload content and post later in the comfort of your personal space. It also has a unique WiFi feature that allows you to upload in HD!!!

  • Next, cost. Spectacles retail for $129.99 on their website. Considering that retailers like Amazon go for about $170+, you’re better off sticking to who sells it initially. So, would you want to spend that much money on an item you may or may not use 365 days in the year?


 That Green Tea’s opinion?—-> Imma get my money’s worth!

My economics goes like this: if I use my Spectacles every day for the next 130 days, I am guaranteed to utilize $1/day’s worth of usage.

  • Finally, a fashion accessory. I love myself a nice pair of colorful sunglasses. Luckily for me, I know how to make it work. So on days you just want to flex it out, they can help you stand out effortlessly.


I’ll be sure to give a follow-up review in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, troll in style.

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