5 Things I Have Accepted at 30

5 Things I Have Accepted at 30


Welcome to my (unofficial) TED Talk that focuses on me. First of all, I wish myself a very Happy Birthday. As I look through my phone waiting to see the blast of messages, I realized how I wasn’t even anxious to see who did or did not remember. As a matter of fact, I hoped I didn’t get a happy birthday from some people, because something didn’t seem sincere about it.

The day before my birthday, I channeled my thoughts into reliving what I had experienced as a conscious human being and how I was able to respond to situations that were beyond my control. I came to the conclusion that everything I thought I knew was a lie. Let me explain. Here are five things I have come to accept after hitting the 30.

I am 30 freaking years old!

July 3rd, 1988 God decided that I be born into this world.  Time has brought profits and losses. Aging is a reality we don’t want to accept. I have seen enough movies on the search for everlasting life and immortality. Why? People are afraid of what they don’t know.  It’s okay to panic. So much is going on in the world that you will come to terms with focusing what you can do without having a meltdown on the way. Embrace the fact that having the chance to age is a blessing on its own. Pro tip: Moisturize, Drink water and mind your business.

Achieving Greatness Should be your Lifes’ mission

If I had realized sooner on some occasions how much I worried about the things I couldn’t do rather than the things I should have mastered on, I would probably be a billionaire by now. ( Although I know that is in my destiny Insha Allah, you can argue with your village people). There is every opportunity to be great. Be great at reading. Be great at saying hello. Be great at watering a plant or sowing seed. Be great at smiling. Be great at being great. Be so great that even greatness will tap you on the shoulder and salute you. However, this is in no way an excuse to compare it to being an overachiever that develops into pride and arrogance. It is everyone’s fundamental obligation to be the best version of themselves so that it can reflect on others and allow you to transcend into inner peace. Failing to be great is tantamount to denying your purpose.

Learning is not centralized only in a classroom

A foundation that has been a precedent to the biggest lie in history is that you can’t be anything if you haven’t gotten a degree. This write-up is a shoutout to the merit systems that determine the social hierarchy based on your performance in a conditioned institution. Do I feel that this is a wasted venture? Nope. We all need knowledge, but we need the ability to learn more. I have met people who are clueless after investing blood, sweat, tears, fasting, money and your friendly neighborhoods Babalawos time to say ” Oh I graduated from so and so the top of my class” and not have a conscious. I have spent my fair share in trying to get a degree. There is no amount of crying and hopelessness I did not feel when it seemed like it was a black hole I had gotten myself in. Then one day, I woke up and just shut it all out. Some of the world’s greatest never followed a predetermined path to have the impact that they did. I figured if they could overcome, so could I. I allowed myself to learn things that are not teachable. I opened my mind to possibilities. And I have never regretted that decision.

FYI: I am getting my first degree. Insha Allah just a few more steps.

“New phone, who this?”

Two types of people are allowed to use this legally. Either you don’t want to be bothered, or you’re a scammer. I am both. Look, life is short, and I cannot emphasize enough on how there are energy sucking vampires in these streets. If you ever want to know who is really in your corner, be at your lowest. The ones you reach out to and are made aware of what you’re going through, and who have NOTHING POSITIVE TO SAY, delete with immediate effect. I’m not generalizing this, because other people are most likely fighting their own battles. However, there are those people who really, really, REALLY don’t care. Exit stage left. If they call and need something. You can be the bigger person and help or be petty like me and be like ” new phone, who this?”. The quicker you navigate, the better.

Investing in myself is my truth

In discovering what works for me, three things are certain.

  •  Multivitamins are your friend. The sooner you hop on the train, the better your body will thank you. Not every brand out there is what it says it is. You have to do your research. Ask questions on what it is you need and what you need to supplement. Personally, I would prefer eating foods that are rich in what I require, but access to them might be difficult. This has really helped me deal with unnecessary fatigue and also improved my thinking.
  • Traveling is my favorite thing to do. I always knew I had an adventurous spirit because I would stare at maps and memorize the capital cities of places I had on my bucket list. I knew deep down I was meant to explore this earth. Given a choice, I would instead travel the world multiple times than live in a mansion with all my needs met. There is a satisfaction that one’s soul will agree with when you see, hear, touch, smell and taste the treasures that no one should take for granted.
  • Prayer and meditation. I have taken a liking to Yoga, and although I haven’t achieved full-blown Yogi mastery, I am confident all these breathing exercises will not go in vain. I also value the significance that prayer has over me. I accept it. I may doubt myself, but I have realized that whether I like it or not, there is a certainty with it. Not everyone follows my faith and might even disagree with it. That’s ok. Not everything is for everyone. But we all must find our anchor.

This is not an exhaustive narrative. I know I may have missed mentioning some minor details but who wants a blog post with so much drama ( I don’t have that kind of energy tbh). In any event, I hope this inspires you the same way I was to write this.



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