All You Need to know about ALITFEST20 Poetry Grand Slam Competition

All You Need to know about ALITFEST20 Poetry Grand Slam Competition

The Abuja Literary and Arts Festival 2020 is back again and organized under the Abuja Literary Society. However, due to Covid-19, the festival’s famous poetry slam will be hosted online this year following the safety guidelines.

Only poets who have been finalists in other Slam competitions are eligible to apply. Former ALITFEST Grand Slam winners are no longer suitable, and any videos published elsewhere are permissible as long as they abide by the ALITFEST Slam video guidelines.

The Slam will have three rounds, and contestants must prepare and perform three poems. No props or music is allowed. Just you and your audible voice. Each poem is used only once in the competition. The first poem is strictly one minute, the second poem 2 minutes, and their poem also strictly 3 minutes. Do not go past those times.

Deadline for submission

Submissions run for a week. They open on Sunday 26th of July and close by 11:59 WAT by Sunday the 2nd of August.

Successful applicants will be notified by 9th August. If you are not communicated to by then, your application was not accepted.

Awarding of prizes go as follows:

1st Prize- N200,000

2nd Prize- N100,000

3rd Prize- N50,000

People’s Choice Award- N20,000

Attached is a downloadable link where you can get more information concerning submission.

You don’t want to miss out on this wonderful opportunity to share the beauty of words interwoven and intertwined to produce what is; poetry. We can’t wait to see you online. All the best.

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