Gen Z Thrifting: The lns and Outs of Finding Your Style

Gen Z Thrifting: The lns and Outs of Finding Your Style

As a college student, sometimes it can be hard to express your creative individualism while on a budget. Over the course of 2020, I’ve cultivated a few tips and tricks on how to thrift your favorite styles while saving some money.

1. Explore your style

Before you can showcase your thrifting expertise, you have to understand your specific style. Knowing what you like to wear helps you understand what to search for in your thrifting expenditure. I personally love bold, flamboyant pieces, so I am always looking for pieces that cater to my specific style.

2. Shop locally

Some of the best pieces I own I’ve found by sifting through the racks at my local thrift store. Shopping locally allows you to find much more intriguing vintage pieces. Usually, local shops take donations from the surrounding community. Depending on where you live, that community can be full of rich, authentic pieces just waiting for you to thrift them. In addition, local thrift shops usually price their pieces significantly lower than larger, chain thrift shops. You’ll get many more pieces for a fraction of the price, and you’ll have a lot more luck in finding clothes that fit your style.

3. Have a game plan

Thrifting is no simple task. While it is fun, it can take a lot of sifting to find that perfect pair of jeans or jacket. Patience is key. Have a game plan of what you are looking for before going in, and you’ll be more prepared to sift through the endless racks to find what you want.

4. Be adventurous

I would never have been able to develop the style I have now without going outside of my comfort zone and searching for pieces that I usually would not wear. As I sift through the racks, I repeat to myself, “Be adventurous,” You’re never going to know what suites you until you try it on. Although searching for pieces that you wouldn’t normally wear can be scary, your style will become so much more unique and authentic to yourself.

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