Review Tea: Ka’Mel “What Do I Do? “ EP released

Review Tea: Ka’Mel “What Do I Do? “ EP released

I like to use my music and love stories to help others on their journey of love or healing. – Ka’MeL

Commentary has been abridged by Ashley & Debbie.

There’s a pop artist on the rise whose sultry music speaks to both new and old souls. Artist Ka’Mel Lauryn provides a rich, gorgeous sound that— coupled with the intense, meaningful lyrics— makes for a thought-provoking listening experience.

In her new single “What do I do,” Lauryn provides her perspective and touching insight on the conflicting emotions one feels when in a relationship. The song holds a compelling melody, sucking listeners into Lauryn’s world of heartbreak.

Ka’Mel’s first single from her upcoming EP

Ka’Mel articulates the confusion and constant overthinking that a woman can go through if things are unsure or there is a lack of communication from the other party. She is entirely aware of her emotions and what she wants, but it doesn’t feel reciprocated. Therefore that leaves her confused and not knowing what to do; hence ‘What do I do?’ which is her song title and Chorus. It’s also one of those songs that stick with you, and it’s quite catchy. I found myself singing ‘What do I do?’ even as I was writing this- (prolong the ‘do’- you’ll know when you listen to the song).

Listening to the song reminded me of the mixed signals that have men and women overthinking in their relationships, ‘almost relationships,’ also known as ‘situationships’ or as Jada Smith calls it ‘an entanglement.’ Men! The 21st Century should probably have its Dictionary. Is there one already?

All in all, Lauryn’s music could appeal to a wide range of listeners, telling an age-old story of relationship turmoil while adding a twist of her distinct sound to the mix. Although her music holds a similar groove to that of artists like SZA and Ari Lennox, her lyrics provide insight into her unique perspective on love, and through her songs, it is clear to see she is making a space within the genre for her words.

Ka’Mel Lauryn’s single was released on July 8th, 2020 and will be on her EP ‘Love Playz’. You can stream it on all platforms.

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Nothing is particularly new under the sun, and that’s why it’s no secret that fashion and expression seem to recycle itself every couple of decades. Lagos is the melting pot of some of the new, some of the old, and some of the in-between.

The concept for our June edition for the vintage theme focuses on the duality of retro fashion. Each piece was selected to give you a refresher course on color palettes that fit the era of the 80s to the 90s and how to incorporate it into your every day ( or night) ensemble.

Golden Joy
Dark Sepia

While fabric reinvents itself, modern fashion embraces the human body openly, with no limitations as never before. The fluidity of gender identity, expectations, and what we thought we knew and have set standards for shows itself as something that can be broken down and rebuilt again, especially as bodies continue to explore and create fittings for themselves through revisitation of the past and reinvention of the future.

It looks that are timeless can transcend the appropriate occasion in the right weather. Brunch or Ladies Night out?

We begin to use fashion to start conversations that question traditional gender norms, hyper-femininity, or masculinity as the case may be. Style, expressed as such, helps us reimagine an alternative (less) gendered universe where a body can be diverse and limitless.

This style book was curated with Retro Addicts IG: @retro_addicts

Photographer IG: @g3gallaries in Lagos, NG

Models IG: @tamara.doubrah and @raufuabiola in Lagos, NG

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As we are slowly stepping out of hiatus, what better way to hit the ground running than invite people to bring their content to our space?

This is our first call out to creatives, and we would want to start the month right with all the craziness going on at the moment.

Don’t be shy; this is a global invitation to YOU! And this month’s theme is ……. VINTAGE. If you have any questions on what you want to put out and you’re not sure, do reach out!