5 Things We Need To Leave In 2017

Somewhere in the world, it is 2018…..


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Not here bitch!!! it’s still 2017 and 3 hours to go. So as much as I have been promising to get into blogging more frequently vis-à-vis , I am here to formally round up some trends that I have personally experienced or for lack of a better word, been forced to experience through the annals of these internets.

Now all these opinions are my own and for all intended purposes, to help you help me in reflecting and also entertainment.

1. Bad foundation shade

In glorious 2017, we have been blessed by indie brands and beauty bloggers and YouTubers who called bullshit on brands who failed to get the memo. Y’all ever had that one kid in class, that one co worker, that one family member, that one individual that you have to constantly and politely remind them that there’s a way of doing stuff because well, we are all grown in these streets but they keep ignoring you because they see no repercussions?


That’s exactly what happened. Thankfully we had the likes of Fenty Beauty that came in and snatched all our coins. Sure you have MAC cosmetics but the narrowing down and thought process that went into compiling the awesome foundation shades, we have been able to overcome this problem of the RIGHT FOUNDATION.

However…. some of you still need work. Please, please and please. No one is asking you to break bank, but if you do spend your coins in that department, get it together. You don’t have to have all the makeup brands in your disposal. Get the one with the right formula, right shade that works for the right you, abi you get shop?

2. Time wasters aka your friendly neighborhood fuckboy incorporated

Have you been unfairly treated, promised heaven and earth, told that your everything I ever wanted and still got played? Look no further, as the Lord would have it, deleting, blocking, banishing with enchantment spells has been repackaged into a new and improved package called 📣 📣”I said what I said “📣 📣


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Tea Diary: Stories From A Nigerian Secondary School ( Part 1 )

The following series talks about periods in my life and my discovery of self perservation. The purpose is to create an awareness of things we tend to ignore that contributes to our personality as adults.

Feb 2001:

I HATED JS2. Okay not as much as my SS2 ( we’ll get to that). I had very low self esteem,socially, of unimanginable proportions. I just didn’t feel anyone would like me enough outside my home. It felt like a constant battle of always analyzing whether people who said they were your friends actually meant it or you had to have something that they would want to be around you for. Yes, I had low esteem, but I wasn’t stupid. I believe in the law of exchange. Whatever you feel you’re deficient in you try and make up for in other ways. Its a psychological balance that has to be maintained. And there was a time that scale almost tipped. When that sneaky bastard crept up on me and got my ears-a-perking up when I happened to be stormed by a bunch of my giggling female classmates who thought it was about time Feb 14th ( the all hell is gonna break loose) meant something to ‘We Maidens In The Prime of Our Youth’. Some things were just unavoidable. You have to go down a road on your own you wouldn’t think twice of taking.

I developed a new handwriting, as opposed to my cranky scarecrow looking scribbles, cursive it was. I think currently I can manifest about 4 successfully. It does come in handy especially now when people type more often than write and are loosing their sense of holding a pen properly except well to scribble down stuff. My female ‘We Maidens In The Prime of Our Youth’ ( I choose to call them that, however if any of you remember this event whilst with me at the time you can solely identify yourselves, I give you that honor) decided to have me write some, I dunno, cheeky ass stuff if you ask me and pass it to one of the seniors who was in the class behind us. I thought it was a prank. It turned out as a turn down. The dude did come out to take a peek at me and you can guess what happened after that, typical camera zooming moment from afar and them having a good laugh, at me. You should have seen me then; long skirt, way too long for school standards, beret covering my head like a turtle shell, baggy sweater not showing off my boobs and buck teeth. In contrast to the slender hairless legs of ‘We Maidens In The Prime of Our Youth’ at the time, I huddled myself back to my class, took out my flower imprinted diary, and started writing down all my tears, only thing was, it really was tears! But no one heard or saw it from me.


8 Things You Should Try To Do In The Summer


Ever tried and probably fell through actually getting to your  “summer bod” ? ( Even though I feel that term is loosely used by hyperhormone raging teenagers and college kids who have a designated timeline to dictate trends). Well I did fall for it, and  no I did not acheive it. Between exorcising your weight off and casting out the winter hibernation clock out of your soul, there are a couple of things that I would be happy to share with you that won’t just physically strenghten your exterior, but stimulate and engage a more productive internal you. Holistic well being is key.

Disclaimer: I am in no way a life coach, fitness guru, or overeaching health fanatic. But I do like highlighting options that you can choose to incorporate in your own life ( or not, just keep reading).

  • Detox: That summer body aint gon come by itself

I’m going to say it out right. PINTEREST IS YOUR FRIEND. With tools like boards that can give you a satisfying visualization of how you would want to handle any journey or hobby you put your mind to, Pinterest offers a wide variety of detox recipies ranging from organized smoothies to full blown meals that get results. I have tried a recipe that seems to take care of my breakfast needs, so one less meal to worry about during the day. Be sure to hydrate constantly and take out any soda and packed juices and you’ll feel more productive during the day.

Check out pinterest for more information.

  • Summer Reads: Pick out books to ease your mind

When was the last time you DID NOT spend an entire day binge watching your favorite shows even though you said you weren’t? ( Judging you… Judging me). It’s not easy to curb the the ominous technology addiction but it’s worthwhile to exercise your mind with literature and rekindle the element that enables all of us to wonder and ponder. Now I am guilty of not picking up the habit ( its been a while) but one thing we should all endeavor to do is read. Read from different genres, from different authors in different countries.

Some websites and reading apps can guide you such as Stumbleupon , Goodreads , Kobo , The New York Times  , Okadabooks (This is a Nigerian bookstore platform).

  • Travel: Saved some coin? Go for it

Understand this: Traveling is essential to broadening your mind and is the deterrent to ignorance. The downside, cost. Now I would suggest that with extensive research on your part and dedication, trips can be planned well ahead with enough saving and deal hoardings. It doesn’t have to be someplace fancy initially but do try to go to places where you are WILLING to explore and not sit up in your hotel room the entire time. Follow travel blogs and Instagram pages that filter out into what your goal is. Discuss your plans with people who want to experience the same adventures as you that way you’ll be more focused in achieving your ideal summer vacation.  Look for One Love Travel Club  has to offer as well as Tripzapp ,  Nomadnesstribe etc. Apps that you can navigate for affordable tickets (but not limited to) on available on iOS and Android is skyscanner Continue reading “8 Things You Should Try To Do In The Summer”

Spectacles by Snap Inc.

Unless you’ve been living under the magical rock of I-DON’T-GIVE-A-DAMN, you would have seen and/or heard of  and/or be a current user of the infamous Snapchat 👻.

A company that has notoriously solidified its place in the tech world, Snap Inc. has given us a product that incorporates both fashion and your ability to troll…. efficiently. I present to you….

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10 Step Bronzed No-Makeup Makeup

If you happened to be on Instagram Live to watch the process I used to apply my makeup you know it took about 2 hours for me to perfect. I watch different beauty gurus and buy products based on their recommedations like Jackie Aina and Ronke Raji. So I had a ix of both drugstore and sort of higher end products.



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Killing Them Young: Why Ideas Matter For Black Girls ( And Every Other Girl Too)

And just like that, I slumped. ” why didn’t I get points for it?” I asked my JS2 (8th grade) physics teacher. The feedback I got haunts me on days I feel like I haven’t put in my best. On days that I am genuinly tired of constantly trying to be the best at what I believe I am the best at. “How can I give you points for a model ? I asked for a project that involves something mechanical, and you present a model. 2/10 for you now go and sit down“.

If I didn’t have a parent that believed in my potential not just for being a daughter but as an actual human being I might have never pursued my academics in the STEM field. I made a cardboard model of what a nuclear power station would be like and explained the concept of how you could re-navigate a water source so that it doesn’t interrupt the water source of neighbouring farmlands in the event one was to be built. I got laughed at by both my peers and teacher of what a silly project it was.

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Who is ThatGreenTea?

I am a millennial that finds everything entertaining. I get inspiration from everyday interactions but haven’t really been able to consolidate them into a platform that can relate to a wider audience….until now. I enjoy discovering trends in fashion, technology, philosophy,  community outreach (physical or virtual) and a huge advocate for positive afrocentric identity.

I hope my blog will also be an inspiration to you as I go on food adventures, lifestyle hacks, photography, commentary on global issues and just everyday appreciation of what it’s like to just simply being human.