Gen Z Thrifting: The lns and Outs of Finding Your Style

Gen Z Thrifting: The lns and Outs of Finding Your Style

As a college student, sometimes it can be hard to express your creative individualism while on a budget. Over the course of 2020, I’ve cultivated a few tips and tricks on how to thrift your favorite styles while saving some money.

1. Explore your style

Before you can showcase your thrifting expertise, you have to understand your specific style. Knowing what you like to wear helps you understand what to search for in your thrifting expenditure. I personally love bold, flamboyant pieces, so I am always looking for pieces that cater to my specific style.

2. Shop locally

Some of the best pieces I own I’ve found by sifting through the racks at my local thrift store. Shopping locally allows you to find much more intriguing vintage pieces. Usually, local shops take donations from the surrounding community. Depending on where you live, that community can be full of rich, authentic pieces just waiting for you to thrift them. In addition, local thrift shops usually price their pieces significantly lower than larger, chain thrift shops. You’ll get many more pieces for a fraction of the price, and you’ll have a lot more luck in finding clothes that fit your style.

3. Have a game plan

Thrifting is no simple task. While it is fun, it can take a lot of sifting to find that perfect pair of jeans or jacket. Patience is key. Have a game plan of what you are looking for before going in, and you’ll be more prepared to sift through the endless racks to find what you want.

4. Be adventurous

I would never have been able to develop the style I have now without going outside of my comfort zone and searching for pieces that I usually would not wear. As I sift through the racks, I repeat to myself, “Be adventurous,” You’re never going to know what suites you until you try it on. Although searching for pieces that you wouldn’t normally wear can be scary, your style will become so much more unique and authentic to yourself.

Creative Mind Block?

Creative Mind Block?

Having a mental block is probably the least favorite thing for a creative or just any other person who wishes to get something right and expertly done. When it comes down to it, it feels like trying to push a truck full of material with your minimal strength, and still to no avail.

This has been me for the past two weeks!

I felt stagnant, stuck, and stopped! The same thing.

I have had a constant conflict between the urge to create and produce content and my current limitation of not knowing where to start or even what to do. I’m sure this sounds familiar to you. Too many have been in this boat, but the hope is that it does not sink.

Building the energy even to write this post took a lot. I struggled to get my thoughts in order or yet write this post way before time, but here I am, giving what I can. More so, I hope I can encourage you to pick up that pen, art brush, notebook, blank blog page, and let yourself feel. Whether it’s the confusion, pain, uncertainty, I hope you allow yourself to express those things in the most vulnerable way. That’s how authentic art comes about if you ask me.

But if we’re more honest, there are many times where we’re entirely blank. Yup, it’s not pretty at all, and I was partly here. I’ll recommend a few tips to help you get back up.

  1. If you have been overworking yourself, I suggest you take a breather to get your creative juices flowing. E.g., taking a nap, a walk, listen to your favorite album, call a friend, watch a good movie.
  2. Write down the stuff on your mind on a blank piece of paper. You’ll be surprised that by doing so, one of those many things could inspire you to create something awesome.
  3. Don’t give up on yourself. Only you can create what you can create. The reason it will be authentic is that there is no one like you in the world, and that makes it even better.

All the best. I believe in you.

Yours truly,


Naomi Parris: How This 20-Year-Old Is Triumphing Individualism In the Fashion World

Naomi Parris: How This 20-Year-Old Is Triumphing Individualism In the Fashion World

Fashion has always been a part of Parris’s life. Her family members were a catalyst to her fashion interest, having dipped their toes into the fashion world. Their insight and wisdom are what motivated her to start her journey. Growing up, her grandmother worked in the garment industry. She often gave Parris samples of clothing and kept her in the loop on the best fashion etiquette. Her brother also worked in a high-end fashion store in New York, Barneys New York, and would often buy her pieces from there. As she grew older, she developed her style, eventually cultivating it into the elegant pieces she posts on her blog today.

Naomi Parris is a 20-year-old Brooklyn native that is paving the way for young, expressive fashion artists. Her style offers a unique mixture of trendy and old-fashioned looks that make for vibrant, riveting pieces. She features these pieces on her blog, EliNay—a place where she encourages subscribers to be themselves and inspires them to live their truth.

Parris is all-too-familiar with the fast fashion trends we see in today’s media. She, however, wants her to content to be set apart from mainstream media. She finds more value in designer clothing, describing that the artistry is what makes the clothes worth wearing.

Parris made her blogging debut in 2017. Before then, she kept her bold looks and advice solely on her Instagram platform; however, she was prompted by her friends to take her fashion expertise a bit further, and thus “EliNay” was born.

For the future of her blog, Parris expresses that although she would like to continue growing the blog, her ultimate dream lies beyond the computer screen. Her biggest goal for the future is to work for fashion corporations like Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar. She hopes to use her expertise on platforms with more extensive reach than the “Elinay” blog, while still creating authentic, ornate pieces of work.

You can follow Naomi Parris on her social medias here IG: @nayelizabethh Twitter:@nayylovelyy Blog:

‘Ngozi’ is Skin in Swahili

‘Ngozi’ is Skin in Swahili

Also known as the largest organ in the body

Skin, no matter how rough or smooth, makes us stand out

Skin, in its different shades, identifies our ethnicities

Skin, so authentic and created by a perfect author

Skin that makes you think of the consistency of white and dark chocolate

Skin that still finds a way to heal even when damaged

Skin truly makes us unique

But man(human beings) sets humanity apart by putting negative emphasis on skin

Man looks at the beautiful different shades and says one is more superior than the other

Man, according to society prefers lighter to darker skin as if it equates to more value

Man creates a barrier between humanity because the skin is of a different yet authentic shade

Man has put skin on a pedestal and caused suffering and slavery amongst many minorities around the world

But skin whether dark or light, black or white, is still skin

Crafted In different textures, shades, and elasticity to show how creative our Creator is

Therefore, the skin is not the issue, but the heart of man is

Ideally, it would be great to live in a world that looks at the skin as a beautiful organ -something to celebrate rather than a dangerous threat.

But for now, love your skin because your creator was intentional when creating you.

Yours truly,

Debbie Onzere 

(Feel free to replace the word skin with Ngozi as you learn a new word from a different culture)