3 Indie Artists To listen To In 2020

3 Indie Artists To listen To In 2020

2020 brought us a lot of surprising things. In the midst of this chaotic year, the indie music scene has been sprouting new music hits that appeal to a wide range of listeners. Here are a few rising artists dominating the genre.

Tobe Nwigwe

Musician Tobe Nwigwe’s mix of eccentric lyrics and bass- filled sounds makes for an interesting listening experience. He gave us “EAT”, featuring his wife, Ivory Rogers, an upbeat rap single that covers his life growing up as a young black boy in America. His tone and beats convey his musical prowess, and his unique sound have us all listening.


South African native WizTheMc made his music debut with his mixtape Painting a Picture. His newest single “For a Minute” features a joyous, uplifting beat with a smooth chorus that makes you want to get up and dance. His melodious yet distinct sound is almost like honey to your ears.

Peach Tree Rascals

Peach Tree Rascals is an indie musical group composed of five musicians: Dominic Pizano, Tarrek Abdel-Khaliq, Isaac Peach, Joseph Barros,and Jorge Olazaba. The group released “Mariposa” in 2019, an instant hit to the North American public. The song has a cheerful chorus and smooth backing beat. Their lively music and melodic lyrics are the perfect road trip tunes.

2020 may be a trip, but these artists make it easy to escape the world for a few minutes and simply enjoy their sound.

Road Tripping into September!

Road Tripping into September!

There is something delightful about road trips. I’m not too sure if it’s the new environment, fresh breeze that goes through your hair when driving, or maybe it could just be the fact that you’re taking a hiatus from a busy life. Whatever reason it may be, you should probably go on a road trip like yesterday.

This past weekend I got the opportunity to travel to a different location. Let me just say, I was excited! 2020 has been one long year, and this break was needed. By 10:30 am, we were on the road 100 km from the capital city of Nairobi. I made sure to carry water because the heat was no joke and some fruits, too, just to keep my sugar levels on lock.


Now when going on a road trip, there are some essentials to make sure you have a worthwhile experience. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing. At some point, we were going for a hike, so I had to have some casual sporty gear. Carry your sunnies, a nice fitting cap, sunblock, and once again, don’t forget to hydrate. Your phone camera or an actual camera will come in handy when you want to capture the beautiful scenery on the way or at your destination.

I got to experience different things at my destination. Like, walk through a bridge that reminded me of one of the scenes in ‘Jumanji the next level.’ You will probably have to watch the movie to understand. I also got to play with baby goats- yes, you read right- baby goats, at least when they were not trying to run away from me!


The trip back was tiring due to crazy traffic, but when I look back to that day, I can’t help but smile. I am also quite happy because September is my birthday month, and in about two days, I turn a year older. Where my September babies at? (They are honestly so many people born in this month). I’m super grateful for life and everything it entails.

Confidently getting into my birthday month

Do something nice for yourself that will bring you joy. Happy New Month.

Yours truly,


Biz Tea: Natural Oats Skincare

Biz Tea: Natural Oats Skincare

That Green Tea is collaborating with Natural Oats to do a skincare basket anniversary giveaway. Read to the end on how to enter.

Most businesses don’t see a profit until the third year, but Keta’s business journey was very different. Natural oats flourished as a business in their first year. They specifically gained a lot of traction within the first six months, when they were recognized by Ocala magazine—one of the most prominent local magazines in Florida. Her secret is staying consistent.

Keta was able to use the skills that she had cultivated in journalism in helping run her business. She enjoyed being part of a start-up business but wanted to do more than be an employee. She wanted to start her own thing. Pursuing a store with skincare was something that came very naturally to her. She is used to using natural remedies and finding homeopathic remedies as opposed to buying store-bought products.

She had to wear a lot of hats at the beginning of her natural oats journey. In the beginning, she did her marketing for the products, her research on the products, and made all of the business designs for natural oats. She even did all of the manufacturing and design work.

One of her biggest challenges cultivating the business was letting go of the reins. In the beginning, she took a very heuristic approach to develop her brand. She realized, however, that it would be more cost and time effective to outsource her tasks. One particular thing she let go of the reins was the promotional material for her business.

With her business, Keta strives to bridge the gap between commercial products and natural products, hoping to cultivate a brand that produces products to satisfy all skin types. Keta wants to provide all-natural quality skincare for others while making it as affordable as possible.

Keta has a plethora of products for her customers to choose from. She prices all of the individual products between $3- $20 USD, emphasizing that it is important to her to make products for sensitive skin that are trustworthy and accessible.

Most of Natural Oats’s best products are their handmade soaps, made with natural Coconut oil, Grapeseed oil and rose hip oil. Their organic facial toner comes in to rose water and lavender for sensitive and acne-prone skin types, and in a efficient spray bottle is provides a convenient application.

Words of wisdom she would leave to new business owners are to stay consistent, and not bite off more than you can chew. Time is of the essence, and sometimes it’s essential to keep your fresh and the go of the reins.

Keta’s future for the brand is to have it grow as an entity on its own. She’s working to separate her face from the brand, and ultimately wants the products to speak for themselves.

To enter the giveaway, follow That Green Tea on Twitter @That_Green_Tea before September 4, 2020 for worldwide entries.

Purchases made to US addresses in August will qualify automatically from Natural Oats website or follow Natural Oats on their IG: @naturaloats for their guidelines.


Gen Z Thrifting: The lns and Outs of Finding Your Style

Gen Z Thrifting: The lns and Outs of Finding Your Style

As a college student, sometimes it can be hard to express your creative individualism while on a budget. Over the course of 2020, I’ve cultivated a few tips and tricks on how to thrift your favorite styles while saving some money.

1. Explore your style

Before you can showcase your thrifting expertise, you have to understand your specific style. Knowing what you like to wear helps you understand what to search for in your thrifting expenditure. I personally love bold, flamboyant pieces, so I am always looking for pieces that cater to my specific style.

2. Shop locally

Some of the best pieces I own I’ve found by sifting through the racks at my local thrift store. Shopping locally allows you to find much more intriguing vintage pieces. Usually, local shops take donations from the surrounding community. Depending on where you live, that community can be full of rich, authentic pieces just waiting for you to thrift them. In addition, local thrift shops usually price their pieces significantly lower than larger, chain thrift shops. You’ll get many more pieces for a fraction of the price, and you’ll have a lot more luck in finding clothes that fit your style.

3. Have a game plan

Thrifting is no simple task. While it is fun, it can take a lot of sifting to find that perfect pair of jeans or jacket. Patience is key. Have a game plan of what you are looking for before going in, and you’ll be more prepared to sift through the endless racks to find what you want.

4. Be adventurous

I would never have been able to develop the style I have now without going outside of my comfort zone and searching for pieces that I usually would not wear. As I sift through the racks, I repeat to myself, “Be adventurous,” You’re never going to know what suites you until you try it on. Although searching for pieces that you wouldn’t normally wear can be scary, your style will become so much more unique and authentic to yourself.