5 Things I Learned About Having Interns

5 Things I Learned About Having Interns

I looked at my bank account, and it glared right back at me with disgust.

I felt this on a spiritual level. The who, what, where and why I had decided to make an investment with little to zero capital turned me into an overnight lawyer and personal finance broker. I was going to see this through the end. Every little free resource I could get my hands on, I latched onto it like a cat hanging on to dear life from drowning ( Disclaimer: I do not participate nor condone the drowning of cats, and neither should you, what kind of monster are you?)

But it was worth it. EVERY. SINGLE. PENNY.

And this is just the beginning. The way we consume information is continuously changing, and there are so many outlets that can cater to the type of target audience you want your message to get across. That being said, this was a learning experience for me without any experience in managing people independently. Here are five things I’ve learned about having interns:

Eat, Live and Breathe Organization Skills

Google is your friend. I had to become an overnight established content writer and editor. I mean I did do my posts and uploaded them when I felt like it. But when you watch someone else do it, and you use it as an opportunity to see if * cricket sounding bank account* your money was going to bring results, then you had to keep everyone on a schedule, and that meant assigning tasks to people.

Calendars, due dates, meetings ( especially since everyone worked remotely on different continents) was something I lost sleep too. I would ask myself if I was wasting my time, but something just felt so right about it. I had my expectations and having a set plan made it a lot easier.

The Fountain of Talent

It all comes down to perspective and the ability to give opportunities to people to show their best selves. ( Have you been on twitter? Especially Black Twitter ( and the various niches of them)?? Legends I tell you).

I think one thing I appreciated was that everyone was confident in what they brought to the table. Except for the rare occasions where things didn’t necessarily seem feasible to do at the time, the thought process of starting and executing a plan was remarkable, and it did generate the results we were hoping for; Exposure.


There are two types of employers ( business majors chill, this is from experience, I don’t need you hounding me). Those that see their employees as tools to generate results and those that look at their employees as people who are comfortable and happy to create. I strive for the latter. I strive to understand the humanness of the people that work with me. Some would say you can’t apply this model in real life ( I’m not quoting books because that’s free publicity and I’m not getting paid for it so meh).

I took time in my day to check up on them to make sure they’re okay. Letting them know that we can be friends and a team trying to achieve something helps in holistic development. I’m no one’s therapist but when you can afford to be emphatic and listen to the things they’re not saying, allows you to grow into a decent person, and that’s what the world needs.

Believing in Your Sauce

Raw sauce ( Big {man} Shaq couldn’t have said it any better). I had days I wanted to cave in and cry the doubt into oblivion. Sometimes it worked. I mean the crying out part. Y’all should try it sometime. A good cry will give you clarity. TRUST ME.

But I had to an extent believe I was the shit. I am still coming to terms with that. That you can walk into a situation, say your mind, get a yay or nay, and keep it pushing until you get steered into the right direction to see things happen. I have 2½ part-time jobs and considering the blog is my brainchild, I would get so exhausted about everything ( as if college isn’t its problem)

A Bright Future

To be honest, I thought I was going to fail. I didn’t think that I would have a committed team. A team that worked on a level of trust that didn’t require me to micromanage or be there physically so that they were aware of my awesomeness (nervous laugh).

I kept looking at the things I had written down and thought maybe they wouldn’t be able to project the vision I had planned out. Life is funny. Not only did they do better than I expected but considering the limited resources I had on deck, we accomplished everything in the time frame that was initially planned.

I am so proud of them. And I’m sure they haven’t realized it yet, but they are now premium assets to wherever their future takes them. Not because they interned for some not-so-big-shot blog, but because they acted on their courage, went through a process and delivered. And that’s something you can’t teach in a classroom.

That Green Tea Blog will be celebrating it’s official 2 year anniversary in March and would like to thank everyone that supported us along the way.

We will also be conducting a Season 2 intern cycle. We can’t wait to see your applications!

5 Ways to Accomplish A Productive Summer

5 Ways to Accomplish A Productive Summer


Two things happen after Labor Day: Sales and Regrets. I say regrets because in a sane world with favorable variables, 100 days of summer just decided to get up and leave and you probably wasted it. But like I said, in a sane world. However, lucky for us, things and milestones don’t always get with the program.

PSA to the young people on a deadline and trying to exist. No one has high expectations that are unattainable, just high expectations that exist on a plane of their own. You can still accomplish a lot, but like any RPG on the market, you have to upgrade your character with the right skills AND magic to reach your goal.

Here are five ways you can accomplish a productive summer ( for future reference especially since we probably messed up in the last one)

Get an Internship

Depending on the lifestyle you’re willing to provide for your dog, you’re going to need experience and be ahead of the game. I had conversations with people who were nervous about life after graduation ( let me remind all and sundry that my ass is still in college, but my mind is on a yacht. Pay attention) and the same dilemma kept popping up: ” I’m not getting hired by these companies.” See now the trick to this is tenacity and showing up to career fairs. YES, THOSE ANNOYING EMAILS DURING COLLEGE HAVE A PURPOSE.

Google is your friend, so is your advisor, professor and the quiet person right next to you who might be what you need to move forward. Opportunities are aplenty you have to put it in your mind that you need this. Plus, getting paid is a huge incentive, at least for me. Avoid unpaid internship; this is a capitalist country, if you have something to sell (yourself, not in the negative sense), you should get paid for it but also gain the necessary experience.


Take Photography and Run with it

The best thing to happen to the internet is Instagram. An even better present filters. But the icing on the cake should be the vivid pictures we get from the notorious wanderlust adventurers. It doesn’t take much. Point, shoot and edit. You may consider upping your game and invest in watching those free YouTube videos that offer tutorials on the magic of the likes of Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator to mention a few. I realized that factoring that a good camera can do wonders * cough* Canon *cough*, if you don’t have the finesse to make those travel feeds (or not), the lack of personal satisfaction is heart-wrenching.



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5 Things I Have Accepted at 30

5 Things I Have Accepted at 30


Welcome to my (unofficial) TED Talk that focuses on me. First of all, I wish myself a very Happy Birthday. As I look through my phone waiting to see the blast of messages, I realized how I wasn’t even anxious to see who did or did not remember. As a matter of fact, I hoped I didn’t get a happy birthday from some people, because something didn’t seem sincere about it.

The day before my birthday, I channeled my thoughts into reliving what I had experienced as a conscious human being and how I was able to respond to situations that were beyond my control. I came to the conclusion that everything I thought I knew was a lie. Let me explain. Here are five things I have come to accept after hitting the 30.

I am 30 freaking years old!

July 3rd, 1988 God decided that I be born into this world.  Time has brought profits and losses. Aging is a reality we don’t want to accept. I have seen enough movies on the search for everlasting life and immortality. Why? People are afraid of what they don’t know.  It’s okay to panic. So much is going on in the world that you will come to terms with focusing what you can do without having a meltdown on the way. Embrace the fact that having the chance to age is a blessing on its own. Pro tip: Moisturize, Drink water and mind your business.

Achieving Greatness Should be your Lifes’ mission

If I had realized sooner on some occasions how much I worried about the things I couldn’t do rather than the things I should have mastered on, I would probably be a billionaire by now. ( Although I know that is in my destiny Insha Allah, you can argue with your village people). There is every opportunity to be great. Be great at reading. Be great at saying hello. Be great at watering a plant or sowing seed. Be great at smiling. Be great at being great. Be so great that even greatness will tap you on the shoulder and salute you. However, this is in no way an excuse to compare it to being an overachiever that develops into pride and arrogance. It is everyone’s fundamental obligation to be the best version of themselves so that it can reflect on others and allow you to transcend into inner peace. Failing to be great is tantamount to denying your purpose. Continue reading “5 Things I Have Accepted at 30”

5 Things To Know Before Applying To College

5 Things To Know Before Applying To College

5 Things to know


*taps mic*

” Mic check, mic check. This is a special announcement to all the people who made the conscious decision to take the college route.”


If anyone had told me 10 years ago, I’d be writing a piece about getting into college I would have thrown a bottle…. of invaluable knowledge from this fountain of wisdom! Now for the most part, when I look back, I see how a lot of sidetracks could have been avoided however that’s a story for another day.

College is hard. Hard is relative. You have so many elements and expectations hitting on you because completing college means you’ve made it ( according to the educated class of humans). College is more than academics, it’s a stepping stone to discovering, building and transferring your growth towards a wider audience. College is not a privilege, it’s an opportunity that beckons to many, but few can respond to.

Here are 5 things to know before applying to college, locally and internationally.


Grades Matter

Depending on the who, what, when, where, how and most importantly, the WHY you would make the decision to get into college is quickly reflected on how well of precedence you’re setting. I went to a secondary school in Nigeria, and I still believe the process is the same when I tell you this ( especially if you’re going abroad) YOUR👏🏾GRADES👏🏾MATTER. Schools always want to recruit the cream of the crop. The chances of better financial packages are higher. But as we evolve as a civilization, holistic growth and achievements also count that are not always reflected on paper.

College is NOT High School

It isn’t. Let me explain. High school is a controlled environment that is structured to get you into the habit of following through with routines. It coaches you in time management which is going to make or break your ability to actually survive college. Yes, not all school systems are equal regarding available resources to ensure this is successful. However, if you had the opportunity to pass through a system that does enable you to be your best, know that when you get to college, no one is going to monitor your actions but instead will be available in the event you need some form of support. Take full advantage of it.

Campus Visits

Ever seen those campus marketing photos that shows happy college students sitting on a field of green without a care in the world? Issa scam. The internet is designed to give any institution the platform to put their best foot forward. Never believe hearsay about a particular college. This is a considerable investment. Not every school is meant to be on your radar. It is essential to schedule an in-person visit to get a feel for the type of environment you’re going to sacrifice a couple of years to ( that includes empty bank accounts, insomnia and lots of caffeine). Understand that there is no pressure in making an immediate decision. Take your time and see what the best feeling is.

Keep Family in the Loop

It might seem like the perfect opportunity to gain ‘freedom’ from your overprotective parents or guardians ( in some cases, depending on your background that might be what you need but I will talk about that in another blog post). But your family is your ride or die. Everyone who genuinely cares needs to be kept in the loop of your progress so that they can know how to lend their support as you go through this journey. It is not just about you. Your success can impact some other individual who wants to follow the same path, and a healthy relationship can make or break the strength to weather the storms ahead.

Be Prepared or Be Repaired

College is not for everybody (argue with your ancestors). It is a conscious and ongoing effort of self-determination and self-motivation. College is the sandbox that swallows you whole and then decides spits you out without warning. Is it a scary place? Of course, it is, that’s what I have been yapping about on the last 4 points. But the beauty of it is not to prove who’s the smartest or who has the most participation with campus organizations. College is the frontier to make mistakes and to unlearn what you thought life was about. You will meet a diverse community ( this is hoping you go to a college that actually has some diversity, some of them be lying). You will be presented with opportunities to make adult decisions and live with the consequences. Be prepared to grow. Be ready to learn about the world. Or be repaired by failing to understand all the wisdom I have generously given.


Fatyma Amadou is a college student, blogger and owns this blog.

Disclaimer: Not part of any college recruiting committee. All commentary is based on personal experience and reflection

5 Mobile Apps You Need For College

5 Mobile Apps You Need For College

Mobile apps for college

The bane of every and I mean EVERY self-respecting college student is remaining attentive. I cannot confidently say I am not a victim of this, given that we are continually being stimulated thus not giving our brains enough time to process and manage one event from another. Technology has given us two distinct options: Use me or Abuse me.

It took a lot of effort and patience to test and try out apps that would keep me aware of how I manage my time without having the FOMO. As we all get older, our priorities are bound to filter through. Here are 5 mobile apps that are staples for everyone trying to be efficient.




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Platform: iOS + Android

Price: USD 1.99

You have that test coming up or your eyes hurt, but you lack the willpower to put your device down? Build a forest. We all have that innate desire to be rewarded when setting out to do something, so why not invest in an app that not only encourages you to take a timeout but also participates in real life tree planting around the world?






Platform: iOS + Android

Price: Free

Forget about trying to communicate with your team members on a group project with facebook messenger or Instagram. It’s not going to work, believe me. There are people outchea with trap phones ( in 2018, there are people outchea with trap phones. Argue with your ancestors).

GroupMe enables all parties to communicate without being distracted and even has an in-built Dropbox feature to help with quick file sharing. One thing I like about this is that you can register with either an email address or phone number (for SMS features).


Google Calendar




Platform: iOS + Android

Price: Free

I don’t care how organized  (or not) you were back in high school but believe me when I tell you, COLLEGE IS NOT HIGH SCHOOL. Everything works like clockwork and skipping on something like a class or forgetting to attend a meeting or replying an important email is the beginning of failure.  It’s essential to schedule your entire semester and making sure it is accessible when you need it. One brilliant feature of Google is that most if not all of their products can be synced on multiple platforms. This is a staple. Set up reminders for deadlines especially if you have a full academic year.





Source: http://www.lynda.com

Platform: iOS + Android

Price: Free

At the end of every Spring semester is an opportunity for an internship. At the end of every college graduation is a prospective job. Most people are absolutely clueless about what they want to do when they’ve really come to terms to adulting. LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to scan through millions of companies and institutions which they are looking for to recruit. Start as early as possible by signing up that way you can at least have a plan on where you want your future to lead you.


E-Mail Clients




Platform: iOS + Android

Price: Free


Under no circumstance should you NOT ignore emails while school is in session. Depending on what email address you have on record, you’ll almost if not always get emails to your .edu address. Be sure to have it linked to any of your email clients such as Mail on iOS, Outlook provided by Microsoft and Gmail. It also saves you the stress of wondering what your username is ( especially if it’s something from your embarrassing pre-adolescent years) and whether or not it can be used professionally.

Fatyma Amadou is a college student, blogger and owns this blog.

Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored by the above companies mentioned. This worked for me so basically it’s me ( as usual) helping you 🙂