Spectacles by Snap Inc.

Unless you’ve been living under the magical rock of I-DON’T-GIVE-A-DAMN, you would have seen and/or heard of Β and/or be a current user of the infamous Snapchat πŸ‘».

A company that has notoriously solidified its place in the tech world, Snap Inc. has given us a product that incorporates both fashion and your ability to troll…. efficiently. I present to you….

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10 Step Bronzed No-Makeup Makeup

If you happened to be on Instagram Live to watch the process I used to apply my makeup you know it took about 2 hours for me to perfect. I watch different beauty gurus and buy products based on their recommedations like Jackie Aina and Ronke Raji. So I had a ix of both drugstore and sort of higher end products.



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Killing Them Young: Why Ideas Matter For Black Girls ( And Every Other Girl Too)

And just like that, I slumped. ” why didn’t I get points for it?” I asked my JS2 (8th grade) physics teacher. The feedback I got haunts me on days I feel like I haven’t put in my best. On days that I am genuinly tired of constantly trying to be the best at what I believe I am the best at. “How can I give you points for a model ? I asked for a project that involves something mechanical, and you present a model. 2/10 for you now go and sit down“.

If I didn’t have a parent that believed in my potential not just for being a daughter but as an actual human being I might have never pursued my academics in the STEM field. I made a cardboard model of what a nuclear power station would be like and explained the concept of how you could re-navigate a water source so that it doesn’t interrupt the water source of neighbouring farmlands in the event one was to be built. I got laughed at by both my peers and teacher of what a silly project it was.

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