8 Things You Should Try To Do In The Summer


Ever tried and probably fell through actually getting to your  “summer bod” ? ( Even though I feel that term is loosely used by hyperhormone raging teenagers and college kids who have a designated timeline to dictate trends). Well I did fall for it, and  no I did not acheive it. Between exorcising your weight off and casting out the winter hibernation clock out of your soul, there are a couple of things that I would be happy to share with you that won’t just physically strenghten your exterior, but stimulate and engage a more productive internal you. Holistic well being is key.

Disclaimer: I am in no way a life coach, fitness guru, or overeaching health fanatic. But I do like highlighting options that you can choose to incorporate in your own life ( or not, just keep reading).

  • Detox: That summer body aint gon come by itself

I’m going to say it out right. PINTEREST IS YOUR FRIEND. With tools like boards that can give you a satisfying visualization of how you would want to handle any journey or hobby you put your mind to, Pinterest offers a wide variety of detox recipies ranging from organized smoothies to full blown meals that get results. I have tried a recipe that seems to take care of my breakfast needs, so one less meal to worry about during the day. Be sure to hydrate constantly and take out any soda and packed juices and you’ll feel more productive during the day.

Check out pinterest for more information.

  • Summer Reads: Pick out books to ease your mind

When was the last time you DID NOT spend an entire day binge watching your favorite shows even though you said you weren’t? ( Judging you… Judging me). It’s not easy to curb the the ominous technology addiction but it’s worthwhile to exercise your mind with literature and rekindle the element that enables all of us to wonder and ponder. Now I am guilty of not picking up the habit ( its been a while) but one thing we should all endeavor to do is read. Read from different genres, from different authors in different countries.

Some websites and reading apps can guide you such as Stumbleupon , Goodreads , Kobo , The New York Times  , Okadabooks (This is a Nigerian bookstore platform).

  • Travel: Saved some coin? Go for it

Understand this: Traveling is essential to broadening your mind and is the deterrent to ignorance. The downside, cost. Now I would suggest that with extensive research on your part and dedication, trips can be planned well ahead with enough saving and deal hoardings. It doesn’t have to be someplace fancy initially but do try to go to places where you are WILLING to explore and not sit up in your hotel room the entire time. Follow travel blogs and Instagram pages that filter out into what your goal is. Discuss your plans with people who want to experience the same adventures as you that way you’ll be more focused in achieving your ideal summer vacation.  Look for One Love Travel Club  has to offer as well as Tripzapp ,  Nomadnesstribe etc. Apps that you can navigate for affordable tickets (but not limited to) on available on iOS and Android is skyscanner Continue reading “8 Things You Should Try To Do In The Summer”

Spectacles by Snap Inc.

Unless you’ve been living under the magical rock of I-DON’T-GIVE-A-DAMN, you would have seen and/or heard of  and/or be a current user of the infamous Snapchat 👻.

A company that has notoriously solidified its place in the tech world, Snap Inc. has given us a product that incorporates both fashion and your ability to troll…. efficiently. I present to you….

IMG_1087 Continue reading “Spectacles by Snap Inc.”